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Business Process Solutions

Problem?  Solved.

Businesses face a broad range of internal and external challenges across all areas of the organization.  Sometimes the challenges are small, while others are daunting.  In all cases, you strive to find the best solution – the solution with the highest ROI.  Only then can we say, “Problem solved.”

Achieving the optimal ROI assumes the organization has the resources – staffing, experience and expertise, and most of all, time – to solve those problems.  How does a company find those resources?

Enter Watermark Business Process Solutions.  We combine our extensive business experience, industry expertise, and objectivity to help you identify and overcome your challenges.  With a proven track record for helping businesses just like yours, you know you will get results, solve problems and maximize your ROI.

Our team is committed to ensuring that our clients and their organizations are stronger, healthier, more productive, and more competent as a result of our partnership. By focusing on the strategic goals and objectives of your company, we clearly define problems and recognize opportunities that make sense for your organization.  Together we objectively analyze and evaluate solution options, prioritize those solutions, and help implement them.  Problem solved.

Whatever your goal – focused or broad, specific or open-ended – we have the knowledge and skills to help you reach that goal.


  • Business Process Analysis.  Beginning with a simple mapping of key processes, we find opportunities for process improvement to save time and resources and increase productivity and accuracy.  We can also provide support from design through implementation of the new processes.

  • WinTeam Optimization.  We evaluate the organization’s utilization of the software and identify opportunities to improve results by optimally using system capabilities.  As Certified Team Consultants, you know you’re getting the expertise needed to maximize this powerful tool.

  • Project and Implementation Management.  From a small project such as implementing electronic timekeeping to onboarding new contracts, we help manage the project so results are delivered on time and on budget.

  • Contract Performance Analysis. Using a systematic approach, we identify opportunities to improve operational and contract performance utilizing key metrics, implementing controls, and effectively utilizing budgets so you increase profitability, reduce risk, and improve client satisfaction.

  • Business Development.  From contract opportunity identification to competitive analyses, capture strategy development to proposal management and “red teaming,” we can materially help you grow your business.

Engagement Overview

You’ve decided to partner with us to solve your problems.  What can you expect from your engagement?  We divide engagements into three phases: Discovery, Recommendations and Implementation.

Discovery. Before we can diagnose a problem, we must first identify the signs and symptoms. During the discovery phase, we learn about your business, its history, key personnel, and strategic goals and objectives. We utilize various tools to delve deeper, documenting processes, systems, personnel, and data interactions to help develop a full picture of your needs. We assess your strengths, identify issues, and begin to determine solutions to meet those needs.

Recommendations. To achieve the most benefit, solutions must be specific to the company and meet the needs of its employees and customers.  Using the information learned during discovery, we deliver a customized report outlining our recommendations.

Implementation.  Recommendations are helpful, but translating words into action requires manpower. After reviewing the report, collaboratively prioritizing the solutions, and determining the most effective approach, we provide that manpower to see your plan through to success. Detailed action plans, timelines and as much or as little implementation assistance you need help bridge the gap between vision and performance.

Other services include:

  • Finance – interim/temp CFO controller, controls,

  • Business analysis for software selection

  • Customized documentation for processes, procedures and training

Contact Information

To discuss how Watermark can help your organization solve problems, please contact:

Denise Limato
Watermark Risk Management International, LLC
Phone: 703-621 0045, extension 735
Mobile: 402-206-1624

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