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Nuclear Security Operations

Nuclear weapons are the world’s most destructive instruments of war and, because of their political and military importance, require special attention.  Operations involving nuclear weapons require unwavering attention to detail, a dedicated approach to ensure nuclear safety and security during the entire stockpile to target sequence.  The consequences of failure are too dire to contemplate.

WRMI is currently involved in two major aspects of working in the nuclear enterprise – securing the nation’s nuclear deterrent and counter proliferation activities at the nation’s borders.

Securing the National Nuclear Deterrent

The President of the United States has declared nuclear weapons to be assets vital to the United States national security.  As such, the President directed special protective measures be enacted, installed, exercised and resourced to assure the protection of these weapons.  Working alongside its Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) client, WRMI personnel advise and assist the government in building and executing nuclear weapon incident policy throughout the interagency and exercising that policy both at home and overseas.  WRMI contractors are also deeply involved in helping the Department of Defense (DoD) Combatant Commands (COCOM) in developing combating weapons of mass destruction contingency plans and supporting exercises designed to strengthen COCOM response to this threat.

Counter Proliferation Activities

The Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) was established in statute in 2006 to develop, in part, an enhanced global nuclear detection architecture (GNDA) – essentially a strategy involving radiation detection and interdiction activities to combat nuclear smuggling in foreign countries, at United States borders and interior to the U.S.  WRMI provides systems engineering and operational analyses in support of the DNDO for various aspects of the GNDA.

While securing nuclear weapons and detecting nuclear materials smuggling are vastly different, they are none-the-less equally as demanding to plan and execute.  Members of our staff are among the most senior and experienced nuclear surety executives in the world.  With experience in both the public and private nuclear sectors, WRMI staff members can advise and assist in the full scope of nuclear weapons security operations, from requirements definition to inspection and assessment management.  From strategic planning to tactical execution training and exercises, WRMI brings a level of support and confidence to nuclear leaders.  Regarding nuclear detection activities, WRMI provides strategic analyses and operational research across various states of the GNDA and provides disciplined systems engineering support, as well as exercise and assessment integration planning and execution.  Clearly, WRMI provides a broad range of executive level perspectives and experiences designed to help, aid and assist companies across the nuclear enterprise.

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