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Security Education, Training, and Exercises

Many companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations face the choice of providing their own risk management and security services, as well as planning or contracting for these services. Watermark experts stand ready to provide those services in every area of security. In addition, through the Watermark Institute we are also excited to offer education and training for those organizations and businesses that want to significantly improve the risk management and security capabilities of their in-house staff.

Risk Management  and Security Education

In any company, the forward thinkers and emerging leaders are challenged to stay up with—and even ahead of—developments in the field. Seminars and conferences help fill this gap but only scratch the surface of current topics. Moreover, developing critical thinking in and about the security field and solving security issues as they emerge requires more than periodic attendance at webinars.

What is required is access to more intense courses, designed and taught by security professionals who also have deep experience in upper level training and academic education. Watermark courses are at the level of current university graduate courses. They can be taken alone or grouped for maximum effect. The courses take advantage of student experience and expertise while under the direction of a Watermark expert. The courses can be small or, if more economical to the customer, can be in groups as large as twenty students. Students are also welcome to join in with those from other organizations and agencies. Watermark provides excellent education while respecting the proprietary information of its customers. Finally, these courses can be structured for a traditional classroom environment for the thrill of real time give-and-take among fellow security professionals. Or they can be tailored for on-line delivery for added flexibility in time and location.

Students in Watermark Institute courses will be challenged to explore their own knowledge and perspectives in the risk management and security field. Through research, writing, case studies, and exercises each student will expand his or her own critical thinking about both specific and general aspects of the field. While the payoff will be immediate for any graduate of a Watermark course, the full effects will still be felt years down the road as the graduate assumes higher levels of managerial and leadership responsibility.

Risk Management and Security Training

For companies and agencies that are seeking the highest quality yet affordable training in security and defense skills for more junior employees, the Watermark Institute will fill that requirement with tailored and innovative courses. Whether crafted to provide basic proficiency for security guard forces or training staff to manage in-house business continuity programs, Watermark Institute training is current and efficient.

Unlike other training schools, we provide guests and alumni multiple options for professional networking because we believe that succeeding in our profession extends beyond a course certificate. The Watermark Institute is a Department of Criminal Justice Services accredited training school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Institute provides a wide range of training in personal protection, investigations, firearms and tactics, and advanced analytical topics.

The Watermark Institute takes a special interest in sculpting courses for middle managers, including those in fields other than security and law enforcement, to be prepared as effective leaders in crises situations. When a disaster strikes, employees expect their leaders to lead—and the corporate level, the safety staff, or the security staff can’t do it all. The survival and recovery of the enterprise may well rest on quick thinking and proper responses of mid-level managers in every branch or business line. All of our instructors have held those types of middle rank leadership responsibilities on the way to more senior levels. They know what is needed in the heat of battle.


When it comes to protecting your institution, its infrastructure, the employees, the organizational brand, and future productivity, make no mistake:  Ignorance is not bliss. What you don’t know can hurt you, your employees, and your future business.

Understanding where there are weaknesses in security and disaster preparedness is the only way to take actions to fix those vulnerabilities. Whether the primary drivers derive from regulatory requirements, corporate board expectations, employee concerns, or peer group best practices, every enterprise needs a structured and well-designed program to periodically exercise its security and disaster preparedness planning.

The Watermark Institute can provide the expertise and assistance in designing and conducting drill and exercise programs that are efficient, yet address the hard questions that leaders need answered. We specialize in designing scenarios that are further to the right on the disaster timeline. While many drill and exercise programs pluck the low hanging fruit of the immediate response to a disaster, Watermark goes beyond that phase to where many of the hardest leadership issues reside:  recovery and rebuilding. Moreover, our exercises are not built around checklists that have limited shelf lives but are built on the enduring questions that senior and middle managers need to pursue through the whole disaster or security incident chronology.

The Watermark Institute can meet many specialized requirements for exercise programs. Our staff is trained in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) processes and has experience in building and executing HSEEP-compliant exercises for state and local governments. We also have special expertise in the following types of exercise programs:  red teaming, nuclear security, continuity of operations, airport security, and critical infrastructure protection.

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