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Staff Bios

Keith Castaing

Keith Castaing currently leads the Personnel Security section in the Special Security Office for the 14th Air Force at Vandenberg AFB, CA.  Mr. Castaing has extensive history as a Special Security Officer and Intelligence Analyst providing broad experience in the protection, collection, exploitation, and reporting of operational intelligence.
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Justine A. Cowan

Justine A. Cowan is a Technical Editor for Watermark. She is currently supporting Watermark’s contract with the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO)/ Product Acquisition and Deployment (PADD).  She earned her B.A. in English in 1986 from Loyola College (now University) in Baltimore, MD. Every career she has had stems from her degree – whether as a copywriter, reporter, English teacher, communications specialist, health/science writer, or technical editor.

Sharlene Daniels

Sharlene Daniels is a Security Specialist with over 20 years of experience in law enforcement and security operations and holds a B.S. in Homeland Security and Emergency Management from Ashford University. Her areas of expertise range from physical security and risk management assessment, analysis, planning and evaluation, classified/compartmented program operations, nuclear security operations, and program management.

Bob Dewald

Bob is a recognized expert on nuclear weapons/ material physical security with 32 years of experience in high value asset security. Then-USAF colonel Dewald, while assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters, was responsible for formulating DoD nuclear weapons security policy.

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Eddie England

Eddie is a 24-year veteran of the Air Force Security and Law Enforcement career field, holding senior positions at installation and major command levels.  His diverse expertise covers a variety of specialties that include Mission Assurance, risk management and assessments, antiterrorism, physical and electronic security systems, industrial security, investigations, intelligence support/fusion for force protection, ground combat skills/air base defense and training and resource management. 


Brenda Goodin

Brenda Goodin works as a Financial Analyst for Watermark at the DTRA Contingency Support Division at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. She has worked most of her career as a Financial Analyst for the Department of Defense at a number of U.S. military installations around the world.
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Ron Gray

Ron Gray is a Senior Security Analyst and has been with Watermark Risk Management LLC since 2012.  He has performed vulnerability and risk assessments in 25 states and 10 countries throughout Europe, Southwest and Southeast Asia.  As a 20-year combat veteran and retired officer, Mr. Gray was awarded two Bronze Star Medals for his actions in various hostile environments. 
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Brent Kadesch

Brent Kadesch is a special operations forces (SOF) Exercise Planner for Watermark Risk Management International, LLC. He works in the J10 CEOF within the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency by supporting Geographical Combatant Commands and their Theater Special Operations Commands.
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Joel Karasik

Joel Karasik serves as the Health Physics Technical Instructor at the Defense Nuclear Weapons School at Kirtland AFB.  Previously, Joel supported the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) nuclear weapons testing program at the Nevada Test Site as a Radiological Control Technician and Health Physicist.
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David A. Kerr

Dave served over 28 years in the Air Force where he held positions at fighter and bomber wings, Major Command staff, and the Air Staff. He specialized in aircraft weapons systems and primarily worked on the flight line dealing with weapons and aircraft maintenance issues.

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Kurt Klingenberger

Kurt has an extensive and varied background in security that spans international coalition operations to domestic homeland security.
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Joshua Kurjan

Joshua Kurjan is a threat behavior analyst and bio-risk management team lead with Watermark Risk Management International, LLC (WRMI). Since joining the company in January, 2015 he has been responsible for open source footprint reviews of critical installations to determine security risk exposure, training delivery, threat analysis and most recently leading the development of a bio-risk management capability and related business development initiatives.
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Richard LaFranchise

Rich is a 23 year veteran of the Air Force with a career that spanned the spectrum within the security and law enforcement fields of expertise at the installation, major command, and higher headquarters levels. His multifaceted experience has an emphasis on Mission Assurance, risk management and assessments, antiterrorism, physical and electronic security systems, tactical communications, investigations, intelligence support/fusion for force protection, Red Teaming, ground combat skills/air base defense and training and resource management.
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Denise Limato

Ms. Limato has a solution-oriented executive with a reputation for both innovation and results. She specializes in process improvement and business transformation. She provides consulting support to security and building service contractors, including industry leaders in both the government and private sectors.  Clients value her expertise in systems and contract optimization, process mapping and improvement, business intelligence and analytics, and project management.  

Denise has worked in all areas of an organization, including Finance, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, HR/Insurance Benefits, Compliance, Quality Assurance, and Operations.  She and her teams assemble and lead, identify, justify and implement initiatives that result in improved efficiencies and significant cost savings.

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Mark Mateski

Mark is Watermark's Red Teaming and Strategic Analysis consultant. Mark's primary responsibility is directing and staffing Watermark’s innovative red teaming, alternative analysis, and strategy analysis services. 
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Robert K. Mendenhal

Robert (Bob) K. Mendenhall (Col, USAF (RET) has considerable experience in physical security systems and programs following over 35 years of service with the United States Air Force which included 18 assignments, two Middle East tours (OPERATION IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM; OPERATION DESERT SHIELD and STORM), Headquarters, and Security Forces Group Commander. His expertise ranges from installation security, nuclear weapons security, air base ground defense, personnel security, and law enforcement.
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Julie Moffett

Julie currently works as a Proposal Manager and Writer at Watermark. Previously she worked developing extensive security bibliographies and a virtual library for the Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE).

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Ramesh G. Sheth, PE

Ramesh is our Senior Infrastructure System, Physical Security, Blast, and Structural Engineer. Ramesh worked at the Defense Threat reduction Agency (DTRA) for over 18+ years, and was an Engineering Functional Group Lead. Ramesh has over 40 years of combined highly-qualified experience in all kinds of Antiterrorism and Force Protection assessments starting from Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability (JSIVA), Mission Assurance Assessments (MAA) and Capability Assurance Assessment (CAA). 
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Danny Stover

Danny is a Senior Security Analyst with over 36 years experience in developing, planning and executing security operations. He has conducted security assessments of commercial seaports and maritime operations, as well as government facilities.

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Thomas Taylor

Tom is our Senior Security Project Manager. Tom has over 30 years of success in security, operations, engineering, program management, strategy and organizational development, and policy and requirements analysis. Specific expertise includes resource strategies and planning, requirements analysis, security strategies and concepts.

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Marek A. Zgol

Marek Zgol has over 15 years of engineering experience on Government Programs ranging from Small Business Innovation Research Projects to Major Acquisition Programs. This includes the involvement in systems engineering.

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