A watermark has long represented quality and authenticity. Originally, watermarks were applied to paper to characterize different grades of paper sold by paper mills. Today, digital watermarks are applied to authenticate audio, video, and image signals and electronic documents. We use it to signify the highest levels of professionalism and accomplishment that our clients can expect from our risk-management and security programs.

From the earliest days of lighting fires on a hill or cliff to guide ships home safely, the purpose of a lighthouse remains to illuminate the risks and dangers that lurk ahead. The lighthouse is a dependable beacon as ships navigate the dangerous currents and rocky shoals on their journey to safe harbor.

When selecting Watermark for our name, it seemed fitting to use a lighthouse as our logo. As a professional organization of the highest quality, Watermark’s mission is to assist our clients as they navigate the risks, security challenges, and dangers they face every day. Watermark Risk Management International sets the standard for risk-management and security-consulting services.

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