• April Thornton

    I started working at Watermark in April 2017. Like any new job, I was nervous being the new kid on the block. Now do not get me wrong, I was ready to take on the role as their new technical editor. However, I was afraid that employees would not be receptive to having a new employee join the Watermark team. Boy, was I wrong! When I came on board everyone was welcoming. As months passed, I realized how fortunate I am to be a part of such a diverse group of individuals. Watermark is my second family. They are there to celebrate my accomplishments and there to lend me encouraging words during moments of bereavement. There is no other place I rather be.

  • Richard J. LaFranchise, Jr.

    People will call their companies “successful teams.” In my opinion, that can foster a bunch of people working to their individual goals, and if the company benefits, so be it. I call Watermark a “crew,” everyone working together to ensure the ship sails straight and true. We all support and care for each other, so individual successes benefit the whole. Watermark is truly a family environment where leadership inspires creativity and the desire to excel all the while giving you the autonomy to get the job done. I have had direct experience in working in an environment of the exact opposite. I am so very happy being a member of the “Watermark Crew.”

  • Sharlene Daniels

    I’m fortunate to be a Watermark associate because I admire the founders/leadership. I believe in the diverse services we provide to our customers and know this is a place where my qualifications can make a difference in contributing to something larger than myself. I also love what I do for my client and the camaraderie and interaction with customers and coworkers. Finally, the culture and environment fosters professional growth, and I feel like I’m a significant part of the team, but moreover, a part of a family.

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