We recognize our client’s primary mission as a business or public service. Risk management enables, enhances, and sustains that mission. We will not accept a project if we cannot deliver significant value and maintain our exceptionally high standards. Nor will we lower our standards to cut corners or compromise deliverables.


We scrutinize each engagement to fully understand the needs and goals of our customers. After we analyze the requirements, we tailor each approach to efficiently and effectively address all aspects of the challenge. We develop solutions that result in resolution and value. We won’t do “more of the same” when it comes to risk management support.


We seek to develop client relationships that are based on open, accurate, and honest communication. We emphasize active listening. Our employees know open communication is key to our success and, that to unlock the full power of information, you have to share it. We believe in the “five whys,” that bad news doesn’t get better with age, and the only truly dumb question is the one someone doesn’t ask.

Integrity and Ethics

These are the bedrock of how we do business. We adhere to the highest moral principles and professional standards. We do the right thing even when no one is looking. Our word is our bond. We treat everyone with respect and dignity.


Watermark is more than a company. We are a team. Everyone has value — something to teach, and something to learn. We believe that if everyone followed the Golden Rule we wouldn’t need any other rules.


To provide our clients with our freshest ideas and greatest productivity, we balance our work with our families and personal well-being. Our priorities are faith, family, health, and work. We work hard, we play hard, and we support each other.

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