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The Rise of Insider Fraud

12 Feb 2019 waterm@rk

Did you know that insider fraud accounts for more than half of all financial fraud? Dr. Jennifer Hesterman walks you through what you need to be aware of and how to plan for your company’s protection. The fear of fraud is a constant for businesses. Unfortunately, fraud is increasingly committed


Red Teaming: Security is a Systems Issue

29 Jan 2019 waterm@rk

Watermark is pleased to announce another blog in our continuing series from our favorite red team expert, Dr. Mark Mateski. Dr. Mateski, whom we consider the foremost authority on the philosophy and strategy of red teaming today, launched Reciprocal Strategies, LLC in 2018 with the aim of expanding


Are You Prepared for an Unexpected Crisis?

8 Jan 2019 waterm@rk Click on our new whiteboard video to see if your company is prepared to face unexpected risk, threats and crisis. Are you ready to deal with the unexpected? The top five risks for businesses in terms of likelihood in 2018 were: (1

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