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Mitigating Insider Threat

17 Jul 2018 waterm@rk

By Dr. Jennifer Hesterman There is a persistent lack of research and data analysis regarding insider threats, making it the least understood and appreciated danger to an organization or venue. Countering an insider threat requires a multi-faceted approach and starts with intense screening during


A “White Hat” Hacker’s Perspective on Cybersecurity

6 Jul 2018 waterm@rk

Dr. Jenni Hesterman Is your company doing all it can to protect itself against hacking? Check in with the experts. I recently attended a security conference with a great session on cybersecurity where a so-called "white hat" hacker gave a fascinating presentation. This individual was a profess


Growing Pains and the Wet Paper Towel Syndrome

19 Jun 2018 waterm@rk

By Denise Limato Today’s healthy business economy has fueled exponential growth for some companies. Are you prepared to scale your internal processes to handle the demands placed by such growth? Growing pains are universal across all companies. Processes and procedures that achieve the desir

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