Watermark believes in the importance of our client’s success, be it a commercial entity or a government agency. We also believe in conducting meaningful work for our clients while supporting national security objectives. Our professionals are experts at their craft, excited about the work they do, and recognizing the clients we serve have a purpose much larger than themselves or any company. Central to our ability to provide superior customer support is our core belief that our employees should be empowered to do their work unencumbered by bureaucratic processes. Because we so highly value our employees, we offer excellent pay and benefits, and look to the following principles to uphold our workplace culture. Watermark also offers tuition reimbursement up to $5,250 per calendar year for successful completion of education courses at an accredited college or university. Ask us for details on our tuition reimbursement requirements.

Central to creating a welcoming and supportive culture, Watermark places significant emphasis on adhering to our company core values. The core values are listed below, highlighting an integral part of who we are at Watermark.


Perspective – We are focused on our client’s mission. We understand we serve clients with missions much larger than ourselves and the company. We value the expertise our team members deliver to enable mission execution. We provide a supportive environment for our team members so they can focus on the client.  We value people and results over profit. We understand to those much has been given, much is expected, and we must be engaged in our community.

Passion – We are passionate about what we do and how we meet client needs. We apply subject matter expertise to solve clients’ issues. We are professional, driven, and capable. We are passionate in our community engagement efforts, particularly in supporting our veteran community and providing educational opportunities to underserved communities.

Communication – We seek to develop client and employee relationships based on trust, honesty, and transparency. Our communication is open, candid, and professional. We listen to understand verses refute. Being accessible and available to our clients and team members is a priority.

Integrity and Ethics – We adhere to the highest ethical principles and values through our personal and professional behavior. We respect the equality and rights of others and hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions. We treat our clients and team members with dignity and respect in all circumstances. We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Balance – We balance work with our families and well-being to provide clients with our greatest productivity and highest level of service. Our priorities are faith, family, health, work, and community. We support and empower each other. Together we are the family of Watermark.

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