Organizational Optimization Solutions

Our team is committed to ensuring your organization is stronger, healthier, more efficient, and more skilled as a result of our partnership. Rather than working harder, your technology, people and processes work smarter so you do less when it comes to running the business and more to help your organization thrive and grow while reducing your overall risk. With a proven track record for helping businesses just like yours, you sleep better knowing you will get results, overcome challenges, and have a healthier organization.

“Do more with less” has become the mantra of today’s business. But in reality, it’s impossible and never works…time and time again you find you and your staff working harder without seeing an appreciable gain to prove you are “doing more.” Given the stresses of doing more with less, you question whether your business is healthy – healthy enough to be profitable, efficient, effective, compliant and growing.

You recognize the need to leverage what you currently have by capitalizing on strengths and minimizing weaknesses to get the most from your technology, people and processes. But where do you start? How do you set priorities? If you’re already doing “more with less,” how do find the help you need to make these goals a reality? How do you objectively evaluate the health of your organization when you are consumed by the task of “running the business?”

You call Watermark. 

Watermark has the tools, processes, and professionals you need to make unbiased evaluations of the health of your business. We combine our extensive business experience and industry expertise to provide an independent assessment of the current health of your organization. By focusing on the strategic goals and objectives of your company, we clearly define challenges and recognize opportunities making the most sense for you.  Using a wholistic approach, we assess a multitude of areas of your company including human resources, finance, workforce management, contract compliance, inventory, and reporting and analytics. With the assessment in hand, we work with you to objectively analyze and evaluate solution options, prioritize those solutions, and Watermark also provides the resources to help see your plan of action through to completion.

That’s Optimization.

With practical experience in virtually every area of an organization, we’ve been in your position and have learned what works – and what doesn’t. You benefit from the perspectives of former executives, operations directors, project managers, and systems administrators, to name a few. Our clients include some of the largest physical security companies in the industry. And, as a TEAM partner and Certified Team Solutions Consultant, you know you’re getting the best in the industry.

Sample Service List

  • Resource Optimization
  • WinTeam Optimization/Best Practices
  • Business Process Analysis
  • WinTeam Troubleshooting/Database Cleanup
  • Project Management
  • Project Implementation Support
  • Data Mining, Custom Report Creation and Delivery
  • New Contract Onboarding Support
  • Business Resiliency and Continuity (Focus72™)
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