Organizational Optimization

“Do more with less” has become the mantra of today’s business.  You and your staff try working harder, but you see no real gains.  With the stresses of doing more with less, you question whether your business is healthy – healthy enough to be profitable, efficient, effective, compliant and growing.

You see the need to leverage your resources by capitalizing on strengths and minimizing weaknesses to get the most from your technology, people and processes.  But where do you start? How do you set priorities?  If you’re already doing “more with less,” how do you find the help you need to make these goals a reality?

You call Watermark. 

Watermark has the tools, processes, and professionals you need. We combine our extensive business experience and industry expertise to provide an independent assessment of the current health of your organization. Using a wholistic approach, we assess a multitude of areas of your company including human resources, finance/ accounting, workforce management, contract compliance, inventory, and reporting and analytics. By focusing on the strategic goals and objectives of your company, we clearly define challenges and recognize opportunities that make the most sense for you. With the assessment in hand, we work with you to objectively evaluate and prioritize your solution options. And, Watermark provides the resources to support you as you see your plan of action through to success.

That’s Optimization

With practical experience in virtually every area of an organization, we’ve been in your position and have learned what works – and what doesn’t. You benefit from the perspectives of former executives, operations directors, project managers, and systems administrators, to name a few. Our clients include some of the largest companies in the industry. And, as a TEAM partner and Certified TEAM Solutions Consultant, you know you’re getting the best in the industry.

Sample Service List

  • WinTeam Optimization/Best Practices
  • Business Process Analysis
  • WinTeam Troubleshooting/Database Cleanup
  • Project Management
  • Project Implementation Support
  • Data Mining, Custom Report Creation and Delivery
  • New Contract Onboarding Support and Transition Management

Operations Support Services

Our concept is simple: to provide outsourced services and expertise to smaller, growing companies in the form of skilled personnel to perform important back-office and operational support functions as well as full use of the industry’s leading software tools. And, with our tiered service levels, you have access to sophisticated, industry-leading tools and expertise all while still being affordable as your company grows.

We offer services in many areas including training and credential tracking, equipment and inventory tracking, contract quality control, vacation/sick benefits management, system maintenance, system configuration and data entry for new contract transitions, insurance benefits management, labor relations negotiation, grievance management, and custom reporting.

In addition to our service support, you also receive unlimited licensing to WinTeam, the industry’s leading software tool that includes scheduling, time and attendance, human resources, payroll, accounting and finance, inventory, and employee and customer web portals. You get full advantage of all the system’s extensive functionality without worrying about increasing license fees.

Operations Support Services Group offers your growing business many benefits.

  • Focus. While we do what we do best, you can focus on what you do best.
  • Peace of Mind. You know the tasks are completed by trained personnel with industry expertise.
  • Flexibility. You can pursue more growth opportunities, knowing you will deliver results with no increase in administrative personnel or costs.
  • Competitive Edge. Using sophisticated software tools coupled with industry expertise means you can deliver more for your clients than your competition.
  • Efficiency. Processes and procedures are already established and tested, giving you the most efficient–and effective–results.
  • Scalability. Varying service levels give you support in key areas, allowing you to choose what you need today. And, as you grow, the service grows with you.
  • Expertise. Our experience in the industry and certification as a Certified TEAM Solutions Consultant means you are getting the best expertise available to support your business.
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