by Dr. Jennifer Hesterman

Watermark’s Vice President of Education Services, Dr Jennifer Hesterman, says that whether your organization is large or small, public or private, there are basic security tactics that can protect your building and occupants from unwanted attention or attack.

Dr. Hesterman recently published an online article for Security Management, an ASIS International publication, in which she outlines the goals of hardening — deter, deflect, divert, and deny. Projecting the image of a secure, impenetrable operation to someone conducting pre-operational surveillance, passing by as part of a group during a protest, or looking for a crime of opportunity with no premeditation, is critical, she says. In other words, hardening is an offensive security measure. It stops the fight before it starts.

Dr. Hesterman says it is imperative to regularly train for crisis and have a communication plan. She explains that talking about threats lessens fear, as people are empowered with knowledge of how to take care of themselves and each other

To read Dr. Hesterman’s full article, please click here.

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