Julie Moffett

Proposal Manager & Social Media Director

Julie Moffett works at Watermark as a proposal manager and writer, organizing and delivering numerous proposals, securing opportunities, and reviewing business development directives and arrangements. She is also the Social Media Director and oversees the company’s social media and website.

Julie Moffett works at Watermark as the Proposal Manager and Director of Social Media. As a Proposal Manager, she organizing and delivering numerous proposals, organizing and securing opportunities, and reviewing business development directives and arrangements. Other responsibilities include, delivery of compliant and professionally produced proposals within defined timeframes, coordination of materials, reviewing, editing and polishing proposal input from a variety of stakeholders, communicating with leadership at a senior level, managing the company’s GovWin account, document management, coaching subject matter experts in persuasive writing, and implementing proposal best practices. She has strong time management skills, excellent written English language skills, and shows great attention to detail.

Julie has worked on a wide variety of different kinds of proposals from guard force to security education to biosecurity and threat and vulnerability assessments. She has managed proposals for IDIQs, task orders, firmed fixed price contracts, cost plus, and several others. She has overseen and written extensively on management plans, technical plans, past performance and quality control and assurance.

As Watermark’s Social Media Director, Julie quickly and efficiently creates and maintains a strong online presence for the company. She develops and implements targeted communications and recruiting content for a variety of media platforms. She researches, writes, proofreads and edits all company content for release, and plans, oversees and executes all media and advertising campaigns.

Julie has also worked as a senior technical editor on various government documents, reviewing and editing for clarity, punctuation, grammar, and content to ensure accuracy of the documentation. She works directly with the writers, as needed.

Julie served as a technical editor for the Hampton Roads Water and Wastewater Systems Emergency Preparedness and Response Regional Improvement Plan Report for Watermark. The Report identified five strategies to improve the region’s ability to address planning objectives and regional themes, to leverage current strengths, and to mitigate and/or resolve challenges. Some of the objectives outlined in the report were: enhancing response and recovery capabilities; enhancing communications, coordination, and information sharing; leveraging scientific advances in weather prediction, impact prediction, and water testing; and enhancing water supply infrastructure and interconnections. As a graduate student, she was an English language editor for the Polish Academy of Sciences on a variety of scholarly topics.

Julie also supported Watermark with the research development of multiple graduate-level courses for the Defense Security Service’s Center for the Development of Security Excellence (CDSE). As part of her responsibilities, she developed an extensive digital research library capable of supporting thousands of students simultaneously. She populated and maintained the library for CDSE faculty, course instructors, and students, and researched more than a hundred different reference libraries and sources of security content to find specific course readings and articles.

Julie has additionally worked as a Research and Data Analyst on behalf of Watermark for remote training courses in Biosafety and Biosecurity in Iraq. She has expertise in online learning management systems (LMS), such as Moodle and Blackboard. She assisted in curriculum development, administration and training support. She hosted and provided administrative and technical support for all the interactive lessons conducted via ZOOM, a video-conferencing and webinar software.

Julie has a Master’s of Education degree (M.Ed) and also has several years of classroom and teaching experience. She also has a MA in Russian and East European Studies.

Outside of Watermark, Julie is a best-selling author of twenty-eight fiction novels and audiobooks, and the recipient of several national writing awards including, the 2016 Award of Excellence, the 2014 Mystery & Mayhem Award, the PRISM, the HOLT and the EPIC. She was twice awarded a Merit Award for Best Book by a Virginia Author.

As a graduate student at the George Washington University, Julie was selected from among hundreds of applicants to work at Radio Free Europe’s Munich-based headquarters as a young researcher into issues dealing with the former Soviet Union, where she published several articles, one of which made the front page of the Washington Times. She later worked full-time at the Radio for eleven years, serving as a translator, producer, and journalist where she performed duties in the Russian Language Service and English News Division writing short topical articles and longer, more thoughtful political and economic analyses under tight deadlines.

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