Watermark is pleased to announce another blog in our continuing series from our favorite red team expert, Dr. Mark Mateski. Dr. Mateski, whom we consider the foremost authority on the philosophy and strategy of red teaming today, launched Reciprocal Strategies, LLC in 2018 with the aim of expanding the work he began with the founding of Red Team Journal (RTJ), an online journal that primarily addresses red teaming as it relates to adversary emulation and vulnerability assessment.

Mark’s guidance and assistance has helped Watermark be more efficient and effective, as well as provide greater value to our clients with our red teaming services. As a result, Watermark is pleased to bring you this continuing series of Mark’s blogs with the goal of helping increase understanding of this challenging, ever maturing field.

This week we are featuring Dr. Mateski’s December 2018 blog titled “Yes, Norbert, We Agree!” The article highlights Norbert Wiener who helped pioneer cybernetics in the 1940s. Apparently, Dr. Wiener still has some interesting things to tell us today. Check out the blog HERE.

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