FAIRFAX, Va. (March 5, 2019) – Watermark Risk Management International, a leading provider of security and risk management consulting services, is pleased to announce that Kevin Hodges is now the new owner of Watermark effective immediately. Kevin has been President of Watermark since August 2014 and takes over full ownership of the company from the two retiring founders, Matt Branigan and Brad Moffett.

Watermark President and Owner Kevin Hodges

“I’m grateful to Matt and Brad for allowing me the opportunity to learn and grow in preparation for this day,” Kevin said. “They have been great mentors and partners. No one could have asked for a better team from whom to learn and work. I look forward to leading this exceptional company of hardworking, dedicated and talented professionals into the future. I joined Watermark in 2011 because I wanted to be part of a company where the possibilities were limitless, I felt I could make a difference, and the commitment to the client was genuine. Today, the opportunities for Watermark are enormous. Being given the ability to lead this company into its next chapter is deeply humbling and exhilarating. I intend to focus on accelerating the company’s expertise and innovation, while preserving the dedication and commitment to excellence that our customers expect from us. Our clients’ success will continue to drive us forward.”

Commenting on Kevin’s new role, Watermark’s former CEO, Matt Branigan, said: “Kevin has been instrumental in every aspect of our company’s success, and we couldn’t be more happy to pass the torch to him. Kevin has a track record of strong leadership and in-depth knowledge of Watermark’s current and past clients. This, combined with his deep industry knowledge and understanding of the business, means Kevin is uniquely qualified to lead Watermark successfully into the future. There will be no change in Watermark’s fierce commitment to our employees and clients, and Kevin will be able to leverage his expertise and experience in moving Watermark to even greater things.”



Watermark is a full-service risk consultancy that helps government, public, and private clients identify, understand and address the risks they face in every aspect of their business. Their highly-experienced staff are experts in assessments, program and policy development; implementation planning and change management; training, education and professional development; and quality assurance and program auditing. In addition, Watermark offers a unique crisis response, business resiliency and leadership development program. Watermark is recognized for providing exceptional value by focusing on the appropriate balance of risk and operational business objectives.

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