Watermark Sponsors Local Little League Baseball Team

Watermark is honored to have sponsored the West Springfield Little League (WSLL) Mets baseball team this summer. It was an especially challenging season due to the COVID pandemic, causing the League to dub the summer as the “Quarantine Season.” Strict safety and health protocols were in place when over eighty 12-year-olds took the field and adapted to Virginia’s exacting rules governing outdoor sports.

Watermark’s team tied for second place during the regular season, and went three rounds deep in the postseason tournament. Congratulations to all the players coaches and everyone who worked so hard for this years’ season to happen. We’re proud of you!

“We’re pleased to support WSLL and the program they have to prepare boys and girls for life’s challenges,” said President of Watermark, Kevin Hodges. “Little League teaches lessons beyond baseball. Baseball provides life lessons in teamwork, diversity, accountability for individual actions, handling life’s wins and losses, and illuminates the direct correlation between dedicated preparation, hard work, and success. I’d also like to thank Watermark’s own, Steve Padgett, for his dedicated efforts in coaching the team. Little League could not be successful without the countless hours that selfless volunteers contribute each year.”

In turn, Coach Padgett personally thanked Kevin and Watermark employees for their support of the team. “Thanks again to Watermark for sponsoring us in a season that will likely be long-remembered and discussed.”

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