Are You the Executive Your Company Deserves?

When you are a executive in a company, firm or organization, it can be challenging to see the “big risk picture.” Are you taking all the important aspects of your company into consideration when preparing the company for important challenges, risks, and even unexpected threats and disasters? Do you know what to do if an active shooter hurt your employees? If a hacker froze your computers? If a fire knocked out your headquarters? Are you clear on how much impact it would have on your company’s long-term health? How would you recover? Do you have a plan?

Don’t forget, your employees need to know what to do, as well. Who do they contact in case of an emergency, and how to they regroup after a crisis or disaster? There are many important things to consider. Watermark’s President, Kevin Hodges, spells it out for you in our short whiteboard video.

If you need answers to these questions, Watermark can help. Asset identification; threat, vulnerability and risk assessments; strategic planning; security system specification and security force design; business continuity and business resilience; crisis response — this is our expertise and we cover the enterprise. We are currently offering a FREE risk assessment for a limited time, so click HERE for more information. Or you can check out our website and/or contact us there for additional information.

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