Most small businesses want to grow and thrive, however, few have the strategic plans or suitable processes in place to survive. Many companies believe that hard work equals success, but this isn’t always true. One cannot simply survive on hope alone. Deliberate planning and developed processes are crucial to success.  

Keys To Success 

In order to succeed, you must start by taking an honest assessment of your company’s capabilities. This includes the people, processes, systems, and infrastructure. It’s important to locate any areas that require improvement and make adjustments if possible. 

Your company requires people, knowledge, and funding to succeed. Access to capital is crucial. Without capital, few small businesses are able to grow or expand. Many of these businesses are eventually forced to reduce their employees or stop doing business altogether. 

Choose your team members carefully. These people are critical to your business’ success. Your team members should have the knowledge and capability to handle a variety of complex situations. They should have a clear understanding of your processes, systems, and regulations. They should be knowledgeable in their area of expertise and fit in well with your company culture. 

Think of your team members as the roots of your business. Much like the roots of a tree, the right people can hold your business steady through a variety of situations. They provide the solid foundation on which to grow your business. 

Growth Strategy

In order to grow your business, you’ll need an effective growth strategy. Focus your attention on:  

• Market penetration 
• Market development 
• Product expansion 
• Diversification 

Your company’s growth is dependent on your ability to get more of your products or services to both your existing, as well as new, customers. Alternative channels can be extremely useful for expanding your reach.  

It’s crucial that your company continues to develop new products or services. The right mergers and acquisitions can help you provide new services and expertise to a wider audience. This can help you move into new markets. 

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