Leadership and Team Building Training in Gettysburg

Watermark’s Executive Staff Stands in front of the High Water Mark of the Rebellion on the Gettysburg Battlefield

Watermark’s executive staff met in Gettysburg last month for leadership training. The focus of the offsite was to sharpen processes, procedures, and tools to meet the company’s strategic goals and objectives for the coming year. We chose Gettysburg because of the historical significance of the battle in shaping the outcome of the civil war. As part of our professional development exercise, we studied Civil War military leaders and reflected on our own leadership and following styles. After two days of meetings, the staff toured the battleground with an experienced guide. The experience provided plenty of thought-provoking and valuable insight regarding leadership and teamwork.

“Creating an effective team starts with good leadership and excellent teamwork,” Kevin Hodges, President of Watermark, said. “Our goal at Gettysburg was to learn about different leadership styles of various important historical figures during the Civil War and determine what made their leadership work. While reviewing those qualities, we sought innovative and important ways to collaborate, create efficiencies and excel at our work. During the Battle of Gettysburg, there were a few key decisions made at the right time that impacted not only the outcome for this epic battle, but also set the stage for the Union victory to preserve our nation. I believe teamwork and leadership are the keys to Watermark’s stability and growth, as well as the foundation for building an effective relationship with all our employees. The offsite enhanced the relationships between our executive staff and gave us an opportunity to appreciate each other’s strengths, challenges, and unique insights.”

The staff also had a little time to shop, stroll around the quaint town, visit with each other, and eat some delightful and historically accurate food, as portrayed in some of the pictures shown.

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Employment Opportunities at Watermark Risk Management

Watermark is always seeking exceptional talent. The company has both full-time and part-time consulting associate positions available. Watermark’s ideal candidate is an expert in their chosen field, excited about helping our clients solve difficult problems, views the work we do as being far bigger than themselves, and thrives in a diverse work environment. All candidates must possess a strong work ethic, the ability to think and work independently, strong self-confidence, and a sincere interest in solving problems. Professional certifications such as CPP, PSP, PMP, CEM, CISSP, and CRM are a plus, as is a current DOE or DoD security clearance.

For more information or to inquire about a position, please e-mail admin@wrmi-llc.com. Watermark keeps all resumes on file, even if the company does not currently have the right opportunity for applicants. Watermark is an EEO employer and strongly supports the hiring of military veterans. For current openings, visit Watermark’s careers page.

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