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Fairways for Warriors

As a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Watermark understands firsthand the sacrifices, costs and difficulty associated with serving in the nation’s armed forces and has always been a strong proponent for supporting American veterans. Today, Watermark’s workforce comprises of about 85% veterans, and members of the company have helped dozens of veterans find jobs with […]

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Women Step onto the Global Security Stage

TechMag recently published an article, “Women Take Their Place on the Global Security Stage,” featuring Watermark’s Vice President of Education Services, Dr. Jennifer Hesterman. The article focused on how women are making new and important strides in the security field. This is an overview of the article, focusing on the contribution of Dr. Hesterman. To […]

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Airport Security Threats

Airports are facing more security challenges than ever. The number of air passengers is doubling every 15 years just as security dangers multiply across the world. Technology is enabling massive advances in security, but there are other elements that should be embraced — from exploring the power of human intuition to the lessons learnt by […]

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Stop Using Spreadsheets to Run Your Business

by Denise Limato Are you using software like Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets to run your business instead of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system? If so, let’s look at a practice that appears to help you be more efficient, but is actually holding you back. To put this in context, we need to look […]

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Business Growth and Survival: Hope is Not a Strategy

Most small businesses want to grow and thrive, however, few have the strategic plans or suitable processes in place to survive. Many companies believe that hard work equals success, but this isn’t always true. One cannot simply survive on hope alone. Deliberate planning and developed processes are crucial to success.   Keys To Success  In order to succeed, you must start […]

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  • A “White Hat” Hacker’s Perspective on Cybersecurity

    6 Jul 2018

    Dr. Jenni Hesterman Is your company doing all it can to protect itself against hacking? Check in with the experts. I recently attended a security conference with a great session on cybersecurity where a so-called “white hat” hacker gave a fascinating presentation. This individual was a professional hired by companies to test their information security. […]

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  • Growing Pains and the Wet Paper Towel Syndrome

    19 Jun 2018

    By Denise Limato Today’s healthy business economy has fueled exponential growth for some companies. Are you prepared to scale your internal processes to handle the demands placed by such growth? Growing pains are universal across all companies. Processes and procedures that achieve the desired end result when a company is small work only because the […]

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  • Watermark Earns a Spot in the Top 10 Best Places to Work in the Washington, D.C. Area

    5 Jun 2018

    By Julie Moffett It’s pretty exciting to see your employer chosen as one of the best places to work in the Washington, D.C. area! This is exactly what happened last month when Watermark Risk Management International earned a top-ten spot among other small businesses selected as the Best Places to Work in the Washington, D.C. […]

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  • Watermark Snags a Top 10 Spot Among 30 Small Businesses for the Best Places to Work in the Washington, DC Area for 2018.

    4 Jun 2018

    Watermark was recently recognized for going above and beyond other regional employers to foster an enjoyable and meaningful work environment for their employees, and for the company’s commitment to diversity and discussion. Fairfax, VA (June 5, 2018) Watermark Risk Management International, a leading provider of innovative security and risk-management consulting services, is pleased to announce […]

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  • Attitude is Everything When Managing Schedules

    22 May 2018

    By Denise Limato “I’m doing payroll.” That’s what many think when updating weekly schedules. These people believe they are simply entering data for payroll. Why is that not the right attitude? Because managing the schedule offers us so many benefits beyond just paying your officers. We shortchange our business — and our profitability — when […]

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